Generative AI : “Applications in the retail sector are unlimited for design, marketing and customer relations teams”

Guillaume Rio, Director of Partnerships and Technology Trends at Pole Prospective BNP Paribas Personal Finance, presents the first applications of generative AI for the retail sector.

Through Contributeur externe. Published on 20 February 2023 à 10h43 - Update on 21 February 2023 à 8h12

The start-up, an exhibitor at the Retail Big Show in January, is one of the first retail tech players to present a generative A.I. solution. Generative intelligence is an artificial intelligence capable of generating text and images, without knowledge of computer coding. It therefore also has a creative dimension (see box).

Product photos. Created in the U.S.A., the company generates, on the fly, product settings, in any setting and any type of scenario, via a simple text request. For new brands that create a website, this solution can accelerate the layout of online catalogues, quickly and cheaply. If a brand wants a product or service to be advertised against a mountain at sunrise, the A.I. generates a high-quality image. This helps accelerating design and production of high-quality catalogues and websites. In the furniture sector, this solution also allows customers to visualise a prospective home interior in an accurate and highly realistic way.…