Amandine de Souza, Leboncoin: “We add B2B and aim to become Europe’s leading second-hand retailer”

Amandine de Souza, Managing Director of Leboncoin (Adevinta Group), was a guest at the latest FrenchFounders meeting in Paris, attended by mind Retail. She explained a transformation of the second-hand sales site, which aims to integrate a new professional trade offer and become Europe's leading second-hand retailer.

Through Bleuenn Fequant. Published on 17 July 2023 à 19h03 - Update on 18 July 2023 à 15h10

For Vinted, 20% of sales are cross-border in Europe. Leboncoin announced an intention to become Europe’s leading second-hand platform. What is your plan?

AS: We’re in the midst of a major transformation at Leboncoin, the French entity of the Adevinta Group, which also operates in Germany (Kleinanzeigen), Italy (Subito), Spain (Milanuncios) and Benelux. In each country, we are one of the leading second-hand sites. The idea is for users to retain access to their own site, but internally, in a way not visible to the customer, we’re going to converge our platforms to ensure that relevant offers are shared between the different countries. If tomorrow, you’re in Strasbourg or Madrid and you’re interested in a product available in Germany, it will be visible on the local platform of the French, Italian or Spanish buyer… With these “cross border” transactions, we want to have the broadest second-hand offer in Europe.

We continue to offer hand-delivery for local purchases (this accounts for 80% of sales), but in a more secure way. Customers make a secure payment on the site, but cash is only paid once a buyer declared a product is compliant. On the transactional e-commerce side (20% of sales), we are developing secure and fraction payment with Oney, delivery with Mondial Relay in consignment and relay points. We are aiming for a wider product range on a European scale, as well as access to a professional trade offer.

Why move towards a B2B model with professional traders?

AS: This move was made at an early stage in France, but it is an objective that is being pursued at Group level. For some months, Leboncoin has been working with brands and retailers to sell off e-commerce product returns, unsold items and display models that are not eligible for sale, particularly under the AGEC law. The balance between second-hand goods from private individuals and the B2B offer will depend on the category. In electronics, it would make sense to have a broad offer from professional sellers, especially with refurbished products. For fashion, the professional offer should not exceed 20% to ensure Leboncoin remains the leading site for second-hand sales between people in France.

How is the B2B offering organised?

AS: Today, 500,000 professionals and 15% of French businesses use Leboncoin and our dedicated paid services. There are several types of operation. The first is manual, with a framework contract where each shop is free at local level, and, more recently, we have been developing import flows. Leboncoin is in the process of connecting e-commerce feed aggregators such as Shoppingfeed, which enables sellers to send products directly to the platform. For Auchan and Boulanger, each shop makes products available, generating a ‘drive to store’. To recruit these professional trade customers, we use the Shoppingfeed database with a dedicated sales team. The aim is to move towards a much more automated offering, by increasing the number of feed connectors and developing direct data A.P.I.’s for larger retailers.

What growth of sales leverage does this new business represent?

AS: Unlike for private customers, we charge a fee for our services for trade professionals. We operate like a traditional marketplace, with a commission system based on sales. Our strength with brands is our very large, highly-qualified audience on the platform. When brands also take advertising management options, it’s possible to target prospects in the right regions, according to their socio-professional category or lifestyle. With 50% of everyone in France visiting Leboncoin every month, we are able to monitor and record purchased that indicate a new child, a house move or a change of job.

How far are you in development of your retail media agency?

AS: For the past 10 years, we’ve had display advertising agency on the site, but we also offer off-site access to the Leboncoin customers. An example is a video partnership with YouTube. At the same time, we’re developing our retail media offering, which goes hand in hand with the development of business customers. Our first products will be available in 2024.

Any other developments on the end-customer side?

AS: We’re developing an insurance offering to boost confidence and sales conversion rates among our customers. We have mechanical breakdown insurance for second-hand vehicles sold by private individuals as a form of re-insurance. In this case, a partner provides repairs. We are reviewing an insurance service for the consumer goods category in the broadest sense.

Leboncoin France key figures

2022 sales: €494 million, up by 9% vs. €453 million in 2021 (Adevinta financial reports)

20 million buyers in 2022

No. 1 generalist site for sales between people in France

28.8 million monthly U.Vs on average (Médiamétrie Netratings March 2023, up by 3.3% over one year)

60% of traffic is generated via a mobile app

80% of purchases are made face-to-face

Amandine de Souza

Since 03/2023 : Chief Excutive Leboncoin

11/2019 – 03/2023 : Director of Eataly Paris Marais

04/2018 – 03/2023 : Director of BHV and Director of Home Purchasing for GL/BHV

02/2015 – 04/2018 : CEO, Westwing Home&Living

04/2009 – 02/2015 : Works for Group Casino include a job of International Merchandise Director