Sam Bergius, Amazon : “Since January 2023, our Grade & Resell and liquidations programs sold more than 1 million products”

Sam Bergius, Amazon Marketplace Manager, is responsible for Fulfillment By Amazon in the UK, managing FBA selling partners in both the U.K. and the European Union. Amazon has just postponed by 10 years a commitment to decarbonise half of all its shipping by 2030, so he explained his current sustainable roadmap to mind Retail.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 30 June 2023 à 19h02 - Update on 10 July 2023 à 12h58

For e-tailers, the problem of returns and unsold goods is at the heart of profitability and sustainability challenges. In 2021, Amazon launched two dedicated programmes for merchants using a fulfillment services called FBA: “Grade & Resell” and “liquidation”. What are their results ? 

More than 50 % of sales on Amazon are from our third-party sellers, so it’s important to us to support them and find ways to help them grow their business. The “FBA Grade & Resell” programme is based on customers returns. It was launched in 2021 the USA and in Europe. Now available in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain, this program helps third party selling partners to resell returned items directly on Amazon as “used” items, instead of having them sent back to them or donated to charities.…