[case study] How Petit Bateau boosted gift card sales with Global POS

Myriam Van de Casteele, Omnichannel Experience Project Manager at Petit Bateau children’s clothes, talked exclusively to mind Retail about the gift card dematerialisation. This project with Global POS, launched in November 2022, has since resulted in a rapid growth of gift card revenue.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 08 December 2023 à 18h26 - Update on 11 December 2023 à 13h00

Until the end of 2022, Petit Bateau (last annual sales of €270 million in 2022, down by 2.2%, including 30% online) offered customers gift cards that could be purchased and used only in physical stores. It was not possible to buy or spend on e-commerce. The brand identified an omnichannel growth lever around gift card services.

The context


Petit Bateau was already working with Global POS for the dematerialised gift vouchers (scan checking of the gift vouchers at the checkout). “We knew that there was much greater potential if our gift card went omnichannel,”…

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