[Case study] With Hanshow, Leroy Merlin cuts picking time by 17% for 2-hour pick-up

On February 28, at EuroCIS, Leroy Merlin and Hanshow received the Reta Awards 2024 for best in-store retail solution and best supplier respectively. mind Retail reports on the deployment of Hanshow's new generation of ESL at Leroy Merlin. Directly connected to the mobile application, itself equipped with a customer geolocation function, these ESL have revealed efficiency gains. Olivier Personne, Merchandising Optimization Manager, and Alice Fruchart, CSR Product Manager, shed light on the subject.

Through Morgane Monteiro, Sophie Baqué. Published on 13 May 2024 à 11h13 - Update on 14 June 2024 à 17h24

The context

In France, Leroy Merlin D.I.Y. stores cover an average of 45,000 SKUs, that representing an average of 55,000 labels per store (due to SKU’s double locations). In early 2013, the retailer rolled out Pricer’s electronic labels for inventory.

By 2021, 8 years after installation, almost all the labels (i.e. seven million located in 144 stores in France) reached end-of-life. After considering whether to change only these labels, the D.I.Y. chain opted to change the entire stock of ESL. Before making this change, 14 months of “test & learn” took place in the Tourcoing Leroy Merlin store, in order to evaluate the respective solutions of two suppliers. These were Pricer from Sweden, the group’s long-standing supplier, and Hanshow from China. When questioned by mind Retail, Leroy Merlin did not give details of the K.P.I. requirements but in December 2021,…