Castorama launches a chatbot boosted by generative AI

In France, Castorama launched a chatbot that integrates three LLM models, based on Athena, the technological foundation developed by the Kingfisher Group. While customer data remains outside the scope of the project, this launch raises questions about the future of the ‘Search’ experience.

Through Jean Michel De Marchi, Sophie Baqué. Published on 20 November 2023 à 15h02 - Update on 22 November 2023 à 9h49

After pilots in supermarkets at Walmart and Carrefour, this is the first time that a chatbot based on generative AI has launched in the  European D.I.Y. sector. On November 14th, Castorama France announced the launch of a 2nd version of ‘Hello Casto’ ,…