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Cyber-attacks: time to mobilise defences!

Stores deprived of their VSEs, merchant sites rendered inoperable by malicious software.
How to fight against cyber hackers who are taking full advantage of the boom in e-commerce? How to reassure customers? We present an overview of the public cases and the best protection via cybersecurity practices for retail.

Through . Published on 16 February 2022 à 17h42 - Update on 17 February 2022 à 10h22

In parallel with Covid-19, which weakened teams and security, cybercriminals are organising into efficient networks. They have states, institutions (hospitals, town halls), but also retail brands on a hunting list. There are many examples, including Lise Charmel in receivership after a cyber-attack, the shutdown of e-commerce at Media Markt, a V.S.E. hacked at Co-op in Sweden and theft of customer data at Sephora. The blackmail of ‘denial of service’ which overwhelms e-commerce sites with a flood of requests, generated by bots (automats) is common. Several brands have been forced to pay ransoms to obtain an antidote to viruses blocking computer networks and warehouses.

“Everyone can be affected, especially small and medium-sized businesses that are less equipped to fight such crimes,”…

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