Generative AI: A look back at 43 retail use cases

What generative AI projects have retailers launched in the last year? Which LLMs are they working with? What are the costs associated with implementation, and any productivity gains achieved? Mind Retail identified 43 generative AI initiatives implemented in the sector and analysed the K.P.I.s achieved. Our summary includes insights from Julien Hervouet (Iadvize), Laurent Thoumine and Matthieu Boulay (Accenture), Isabelle Serot (Cdiscount), Franck Le Moal (LVMH), Gaël Seydoux (Emova), Nathalie Echinard (Cegid) and Cyrille Regardin (Vanden Borre).

Through Aymeric Marolleau, Sara Chaouki, Sophie Baqué. Published on 04 December 2023 à 18h27 - Update on 11 December 2023 à 12h01

4 points to remember

-In terms of marketing/customer relations, online retailers have used generative AI the most (13 initiatives). They are followed by fashion (10), supermarkets (6) and DIY (5)

-Use cases: visual design dominates, followed by automatic text generation

-For internal use, generative AI creates ROI. Applied to listing of products (product sheets data management…), productivity gains are up to +25%. Combined with automation, it can result in costs reduction of -40%.…