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David Eichholtzer, Wam Agency: “With Google’s new SGE, the visibility game is getting tougher”

David Eichholtzer, Founder of Wam Agency, has been testing the Search Generative Experience (SGE), available in the U.S.A. via Google Labs. We asked him about the Gen Z's expectations in terms of search and how will tomorrow's search pages look like.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 18 September 2023 à 12h52 - Update on 18 September 2023 à 14h56

For 25 years, Google’s search experience hasn’t really changed, but now it’s undergoing a major transformation. Is Google losing market share to Microsoft Bing?

For some years, Google has been promoting a move towards so-called “long tail” queries (less in demand but more precise), that are more informational. However, until now, the tool hasn’t been able to offer satisfactory results for precise queries in a “spoken” tone. This is the type of query used by Generation Z. To offer a satisfactory response, the SGE is capable of gathering all precise information on a subject, scattered in several places which include information on websites, social networks, forums or press. For the moment, the SGE is being sold by Google more as a complement to traffic, which it couldn’t see because it couldn’t cover all the prisms.…

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