Decarbonisation, gaming, communities: the new levers of Chinese e-commerce in 2023

Last year, e-commerce played a crucial role in China, driven by Covid-19 zero policies, but the shopping experience has also been transformed. Mind Retail helps to identify the main innovations in Chinese e-commerce during 2023.

Through Contributeur externe. Published on 31 March 2023 à 17h23 - Update on 31 March 2023 à 17h23

According to the Chinese government’s report, out of one billion internet users, 27.3% bought only on traditional e-commerce platforms in the first half of 2022. Over the same period, 49.7% of internet users used short live streaming services, 37.2% made online purchases of fresh products, 32.4% made online community group purchases and 19.6% used the social network WeChat (which has 1.2 billion monthly active users).…

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