Eduardo Velasco, L Catterton: “Consumers do not believe in ESG transformations”

Eduardo Velasco, Partner at the investment fund L Catterton co-founded by LVMH and Bernard Arnault (US$ 33 billion in assets under management in F&B, fashion, etc.) was a guest at the latest FrenchFounders meeting in Paris, which mind Retail attended. He shared a vision of private equity on the ecological commitment of brands.

Through Sophie Baqué avec Bleuenn Fequant. Published on 24 March 2023 à 11h00 - Update on 27 March 2023 à 11h05

Has private equity taken the measure of the ecological transition?

E.V.: According to a study by L Catterton, today’s consumers are 4.5 times more motivated to buy from brands that are environmentally and humanly committed to beliefs like inclusion, gender equality and mental health. In recent years, the world has changed (new relationship to work with telecommuting, global warming) and so have customer expectations.…