How retail professionals are adopting generative AI

mind Retail interviewed an array of retailers and retail-tech players about their vision and initiatives around generative AI: Cyril Grira (Google), Franck Negro (Yext), Jean-François Gomez (ex-Microsoft), Marie Dardayrol (Undiz), David Eichholtzer (Wam), Benjamin Benichou (Drop), Jean-Paul Michon-Paoli (L'Oréal), Karine Abbou (Content Marketing Academy) and the Lawyer Alain Bensoussan. They all see these new tools as value-creating opportunities for creativity and operational efficiency. However, they list a number of challenges in terms of intellectual property and HR. As adoption is taking off at firms like Walmart, Amazon or Carrefour, mind Retail analysed the market initiatives.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 11 September 2023 à 21h13 - Update on 11 September 2023 à 21h20