Etam Group: at Maison 123, the stores are in charge to double ownership of e-wallet loyalty cards

One year after the start of the dematerialisation of the loyalty card with Captain Wallet, the first results are encouraging for the fashion retailer. In 8 months, the value of customers who have adopted the digital version has been multiplied by 2. For 2023, the priority is now to recapture the sleeping part of the customer base.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 11 April 2023 à 10h01 - Update on 12 April 2023 à 11h39

After adopting a payment partnership with Alma (at the end of 2021 in stores and in January 2022 on the Web), Maison 123 (300 stores at the end of 2022, which generate over 90% of turnover) started in April 2022 to open digital marketing channels (known as “walletising”) direct to loyalty cards embedded in e-wallet apps installed in customers smartphones,…

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