Fabien Versavau, Rakuten: “With Carrefour, the synergies in terms of retail media are obvious”

Following the announcement of the imminent opening of a Carrefour digital shop on the Rakuten marketplace, Mind Retail met Fabien Versavau, MD of Rakuten France and Executive Officer Rakuten Group. He explains the ins and outs of this agreement in terms of logistics, cash-back and retail media.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 24 March 2023 à 11h11 - Update on 03 April 2023 à 15h37

Carrefour announced last Tuesday the launch of an online shop on Rakuten, to market non-food ranges. Why?

The opening of this e-shop, in April 2023, will allow Carrefour to sell non-food products, starting with 100 SKUs such as small household appliances, hifi equipment or garden tool for the Spring season. This is expected to increase to about 20,000 products before the Summer,…