The present General Terms and Conditions of Sales (the “General Terms and Conditions”) of the publication mind Retail  (“mind Retail”) determine the rules to which the offer of services (in particular the sale of subscriptions) proposed by the Company Frontline Media, SAS with a capital of €2,482, whose registered office is located at 8 boulevard de Sébastopol 75004 PARIS, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 752 467 068, and which provides the company, department and/or individual who has subscribed to one or more subscription packages (the “Subscriber”).

Any purchase of a service and/or any subscription subscription, regardless of the channel (e.g., online order, order by e-mail, sending an order form) implies full and complete acceptance by the Subscriber of the General Terms and Conditions.

mind Retail and the Subscriber are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually as a “Party”.


1-1. In case of online subscription, the Subscriber must fill in the fields of the form with complete and accurate data. Data that is required to be submitted to Frontline Media is identified as such at the time of registration. In case of incomplete or erroneous declaration, the Subscriber’s account may be closed, as of right, without prior notice or formality. In any event, Subscriber (i) agrees to indemnify Frontline Media from any and all consequences that may arise from such incomplete or erroneous statement; (ii) will not avoid any of its obligations by relying on the provision of erroneous information.

1-2. Each individual Subscriber or person acting on behalf of the Subscriber (e.g., employee, agent, service provider) who uses the Subscription (a “User”) has his or her own user name and password. The Subscriber undertakes to communicate, at the time of subscription, the list of Users. An updated list must be provided to Frontline Media immediately upon each change. This list contains in particular the surname, first name, position/function and email address (without it being possible to use a “generic” address or one shared between several Users), subject to other information that Frontline Media reserves the right to request.

1-3. User status may be granted to all or a limited number of a Subscriber’s personnel (e.g., persons listed in the limited list, a management team, business unit) depending on the Subscription. The Subscriber, as well as any User, undertakes not to disseminate its user name and password to third parties, including when they are also Subscribers and/or Users. Each User will only use his own username and password, without ever using those of a third party, which the Subscriber will ensure.

 1-4.     It is reminded that the subscription is taken out in the name of the Subscriber, regardless of the identity of his representative and/or Users, and without taking into account their presence and/or function within the Subscriber.

1-5. The Subscriber agrees to provide all relevant information for the proper performance of the service provided by Frontline Media. Subscriber will be responsible for providing Frontline Media with a current and accurate list of Users as agreed upon in the Subscription.

1-6. The services offered by Frontline Media are defined on the dedicated page accessible at and, where applicable, on the quotation prepared by Frontline Media (the “Subscription”) and are subscribed to by the Subscriber for the period defined at the time of such subscription (the “Initial Period”). Upon expiration of the Initial Term and each successive Subscription term, the Subscription will automatically renew for a further term of the same duration, except in the event of termination as set forth in Section 1-7 or Section 7.

1-7. Each Party may terminate the Subscription by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt no later than one (1) month prior to the end of the current Subscription, the date of presentation of the letter being proof of the date.


2-1. Depending on the subscription formula chosen, the Subscriber may benefit from all or part of the services defined in the present Article 2.

2-2. The Subscription may consist of an unlimited access to all mind Retail publications, available online at, and/or by a weekly newsletter available on the website and of which a download link is sent to Users by e-mail. This access may include back issues of the weekly newsletter.

2-3. mind Retail proposes to send Users who have subscribed to this type of Subscription a daily e-mail, including the main information of the day.

2-4.   Whatever the contents to which the Subscriber and/or the User(s) access(es) within the framework of the Subscription, these contents may in no case be copied, disseminated and/or transmitted, in any way and on any medium whatsoever, for the benefit of third parties (e.g., the Subscriber is not authorized to forward emails sent by mind Retail to third parties). The Subscriber and Users are reminded that any copy, distribution and/or transmission made in contradiction with the present article 2-4 constitutes an infringement, which is civilly and criminally reprehensible.


Independently of any subscription formula subscribed to, the Subscriber may be authorized to access, in a punctual manner, a single issue and/or a single article of one of mind Retail’s publications. The payment is then made directly on the site.

Article 4 HR CLUB

4-1. In collaboration with other players in the sector, Frontline Media can organize a private club for reflection and exchange on HR issues.

4-2. Participation by the Subscriber in the HR Club is subject to the payment of a financial contribution, the amount of which is set by Frontline Media. Payment of the participation fee allows the Subscriber to attend all HR Club meetings for one year. The Subscriber will also receive, if applicable, the documents produced in the framework of the HR Club.


5-1.   Reporting Abnormalities: In the event of non-receipt of publications, inability to access content, or other difficulties encountered in the course of Subscribing, Subscriber agrees to report such problems within forty-eight (48) hours to Frontline Media.

5-2.     Subscriber agrees to provide Frontline Media with all billing information (e.g., billing address, reference numbers to be referenced on the invoice, contact information within the organization).

5-3.     The Subscriber agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions by all of its Users.

5-4.     In any event, the fault of the Subscriber and/or one or more Users, their negligence or the failure to comply with all or part of their obligations under the Terms and Conditions does not justify a challenge to the Subscription taken out by the Subscriber and/or the liability of Frontline Media.


6-1. Our prices are always indicated without taxes. They will be increased by all applicable taxes and must be applied at the time of invoicing. Subscriptions are provided at the price in effect on the day of the order.

6-2.   The Subscriber acknowledges and accepts that, unless expressly stipulated otherwise in his order, none of the possible commercial advantages, discounts or rebates granted during the Initial Period will be renewed beyond the Initial Period, the price of the Subscription being reduced to the reference price, possibly adjusted under the conditions of article 6-1.

6-3. Invoices relating to the Subscriptions are payable upon receipt, due date, by cheque, bank transfer or credit card on our site. Any other term and/or method of payment will have to be accepted by the General Management of Frontline Media.

6-4. Any delay in payment will result in (i) the application of late payment interest equal to the latest refinancing rate of the ECB plus 10 points, calculated on all remaining sums due; and (ii) all sums due by the Subscriber under the General Terms and Conditions will become immediately payable.


7-1. Each Party may, without prejudice to any damages that it reserves the right to seek in a court of law, terminate the General Terms and Conditions with immediate effect in the event of a breach by the other Party of one of its essential obligations under the Agreement, if such breach has not been remedied by the defaulting Party within fifteen (15) days from the notification of such breach made by the other Party by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

7-2. In the event of termination of the Agreement, for any reason whatsoever, the Subscriber shall immediately cease using any item provided under its Subscription.


8-1.    Frontline Media will use reasonable means to verify the accuracy of the information contained in its publications to the best of its ability, in accordance with the standard practices of the journalistic profession.

8-2.   Frontline Media is not responsible for the manner in which the information contained in its publications may be interpreted, commented upon, adapted or summarized by the Subscriber or any other person who accesses it. The Subscriber is solely responsible for the decisions he or she makes and their consequences.

8-3.    Frontline Media’s total cumulative liability, for all damages and for any reason whatsoever, shall not exceed the amount actually received by Frontline Media under the Terms and Conditions during the twelve (12) months preceding the occurrence of the last harmful event.

8-4. Frontline Media will not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under the Terms and Conditions and will not be liable in the event that the failures and/or damages result from a case of force majeure (including, without limitation : declared or undeclared war; act of terrorism; invasion; rebellion; blockade; sabotage or act of vandalism; strike or social conflict, total or partial, external to each of the Parties; bad weather, in particular floods, storms and storms; event declared “natural disaster”; fire; epidemic ; blockage of means of transport or supply, in particular energy; failure in the supply of electrical energy, heating, air conditioning, telecommunications networks, data transport; failure of satellites), caused by a third party or by any fault of the Subscriber and/or a User (e. g., technical problems encountered by the Subscriber, unreported change of postal or e-mail address).


9-1.     Subscriber acknowledges that all materials made available by Frontline Media, and all trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property rights relating thereto remain at all times the full and exclusive property of Frontline Media or its licensor and that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as a transfer of any of these rights to Subscriber.

9-2.  Frontline Media reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms of the Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of a change to the Terms and Conditions, any new order issued by the Subscriber will constitute acceptance of the new version of the Terms and Conditions.

9-3. Computerized records will be kept in Frontline Media’s computer systems under reasonable security conditions and will be considered proof of trades, actions and/or orders made by the Subscriber and/or Users, which the Subscriber agrees to accept.

9-4. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions. The stipulation considered invalid will be replaced by a stipulation whose meaning and scope will be as close as possible to the clause thus invalidated, while remaining in conformity with the applicable legislation and the common intention of the Parties.


10-1. The General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

10-2. Any litigation or dispute relating to the General Conditions (execution of order, delivery, payment, guarantee, interpretation, etc.) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Paris.