[info mind Retail] Marco Sacco-Stevanella, ManoMano: “After launching free returns for B2B clients in France, the next step will be an international launch”

As D.I.Y. volumes are shrinking, ManoMano wants to capitalise on B2B customers. From 100% free returns for professionals, launched at the end of September in France to new payment options, Marco Sacco-Stevanella, Senior B2B Marketing Lead, presents the future initiatives of the D.I.Y. pure-player.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 20 November 2023 à 16h26 - Update on 07 December 2023 à 17h49

By 2022, the volume of DIY products in France decreased by 13% according to Inoha. How is ManoMano’s B2B business holding up?

The D.I.Y. industry is going through difficult times, but that’s not the case for the B2B sector. It is showing fair growth in 2023, after an increase of 20% in France for 2022. Our domestic market, where B2B was launched in 2019, is our largest B2B business. 25% of building contractors are customers of our B2B offering, via the website or the app. This is a very fast-growing segment for ManoMano.…

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