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  • [Info mind Retail] Pauline Gubert, Babymoov: “Our business of re-conditioned products will grow from 3,000 to 20,000 units in two years”

    Home appliances manufacturer Babymoov (food processors, baby monitors) has formalised a partnership with CircularX (a subsidiary of Recommerce Group) in order to expanding the range of second-hand products. In an exclusive interview for mind Retail, Chloé Neyrial, E-Commerce Manager, and Pauline Gubert, Marketing Manager, present the launch of the scheme and its KPIs.

  • [Amazon results] In Q3 2023, Amazon more than tripled net margin on the back of a savings plan and a return to fundamentals

    After a post-Covid-19 pandemic slowdown, Amazon's net margin more than tripled in Q3 2023. Over the 9 months of the year, growth was driven by the digital marketplace, AWS and advertising - three divisions accounting for 73% of revenue gains. With US$6 billion in additional sales in 9 months, advertising has overtaken e-commerce and is now hot on the heels of AWS in terms of growth contribution.