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  • Jeremy Lamri, Tomorrow Theory : “There isn’t a single HR topic that won’t be impacted by generative AI”

    With ChatGPT’s popularity continuing to grow since its launch in November 2022, Jeremy Lamri, co-author of ‘Travailler à l'ère des AI génératives’* (Editions EMS), explains about how generative artificial intelligence technologies will revolutionise the world of work, especially HR practices, and reflects on the challenges facing companies. Entrepreneur and researcher specializing in understanding and developing human potential, Jeremy Lamri also co-founded Le Lab RH and he speaks to us here as CEO of HR innovation studio Tomorrow Theory.

  • Karine Abbou: “Since the arrival of Chat GPT, there’s been an earthquake at Google”

    Karine Abbou is a former lawyer and founder of the Content Marketing Academy. Based in the U.S.A., she has been helping B2B brands to design and implement their content strategy for 10 years. Since November 2022, she has been focusing on generative AI applied to marketing, offering companies training modules dedicated to AI and Google SGE (the new Searching experience). For mind Retail, Karine Abbou explained how generative AI is already transforming the marketing profession.

  • Jeremie Profeta, CTO Sonepar “The digital marketplace will launch in France by the end of 2023 and the USA could follow very quickly”

    Sonepar, the world's largest electrical equipment retailer, has announced investments of €2 billion in supply chain and €1 billion in an international digital platform. Jeremie Profeta, C.T.O. and Member of the Executive Committee, talks to mind Retail about the evolution of B2B customer journeys, data, marketplaces, generative AI and retail media.

  • Reusable dishes: French anti-waste law constraining fast-food chains

    On 31st May 2023, France's fast-food retailers had to present action plans to the government for adopting reusable tableware for on-the-spot consumption. While the legislation is not yet binding, adoption has been patchy. This is a particularly sensitive issue for the fast-food retailers interviewed by mind Retail. We present an overview of the adoption of the French decree, company after company, and the impact on in-store operations.