JC Penney department stores make it easier to swap shifts in bid to retain staff

In January 2023, JC Penney's Human Resources Director launched the "open shift market place" application in a bid to retain the group's 50,000 employees, against the backdrop of a tight employment market and structural staff turnover. This online platform facilitates the exchange of time slots and the allocation of overtime. Staff turnover has fallen by 20% as a result.

Through Caroline Crosdale. Published on 20 February 2024 à 10h43 - Update on 20 February 2024 à 14h46

“Open shift market place” is the name of the pilot programme launched by U.S. department stores’ JC Penney in January 2023 to enable employees to swap working hours and combat staff turnover. After the company went bankrupt, Andre Joyner, Head of Human Resources and new CEO Marc Rosen, appointed in November 2021,…