Jérémie Levy, Converteo: “Generative AI prices are not easy to read or to budget for: we’re dealing with probabilism”

Converteo, whose almost 50% of revenue comes from the retail, beauty and luxury sectors, supports retailers in collecting, modelling, measuring and activating data. Jérémie Levy, Managing Director, and Charles Letaillieur, AI Lead and Senior Manager, explain the cost model and budget issues associated with generative AI, and the current trend.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 08 March 2024 à 19h22 - Update on 11 March 2024 à 12h32

Converteo works with several retailers to roll out their generative AI projects. What are their objectives? 

Jérémie Levy: Right now, all major retailers want to use AI better than their competitors, in order to enhance productivity. The more AI infuses retail organisations, the more we see that their approach is changing. While initially, the idea was to use generative AI to create additional revenue, they are increasingly adopting a cost-cutting approach. It’s not just a question of gaining speed, but of massification. Everyone is now looking to replace time-consuming tasks, particularly those linked to SEO, CRM and the production of online content. With these use cases, the ROI comes very quickly. This is the case for L’Oréal, which is looking to extract documentation from all its websites in order to generate content for its at-scale product sheets. In the home electrical sector, SEB Group is also looking to produce product pages more easily and optimise its SEO.

Why has SEB Group turned its attention to this SEO issue?…