Kristen d’Arcy, True Religion: “After Instagram Shopping, the next step is to launch e-commerce on TikTok”

Kristen D'Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer of the True Religion brand since July 2023, is boosting Instagram and TikTok to win support from younger consumers. In an interview with mind Retail, she presented results from social media and her roadmap for 2024.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 02 February 2024 à 16h45 - Update on 02 February 2024 à 17h00

Speaking at the Retail Big Show, Stephen Sadove, former C.E.O. of Saks Fifth Avenue, pointed out how retail was experiencing one of the most interesting periods since the 2008 recession. In his view, after the rise of multichannel and then omnichannel, it is now the brand building strategies that have made DNVBs so successful in recent years, that will make a difference in 2024. Kristen, what’s your view?

Kristen D’Arcy : What he says is absolutely key to success. At True Religion, our C.E.O. [Michael Buckley, editor’s note] has put the business in a great financial state. The questions for everyone, here at NRF, are all about : What is the consumer sentiment in terms of shopping in 2024?…