[NRF 2024] The new levers of retail media seen at NRF

The theme of retail media came to the fore at NRF 2024, with a day of dedicated workshops on 13 January and feedback from a number of players like Kroger, Ulta, and 7/11. Between onsite, offsite and in-store, mind Retail presents the key findings of the event, based on interviews with Christian Raveaux (Rewe), Marissa Jarrat (7/Eleven), Arnaud Lauga (Publicis Commerce), Jérôme Hamrit (Vusion Group), Sucharita Kodali (Forrester) and Tanguy Pincemin (Dunnhumby).

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 29 January 2024 à 23h29 - Update on 29 January 2024 à 23h46

Key points

-In the U.S.A., the ROAS on the Walmart.com website has risen sharply in 18 months. Amazon’s has stagnated

-In the USA, “onsite” retail media is considered to have reached maturity and growth potential is mainly in “offsite”.

The overall market is converging towards in-store versions of retail media. However, there are major differences in terms of resources (screens, self-scanning media, trolleys, radio) and priorities differ between retailers.

The 2024 edition of the NRF provided an opportunity to take stock of key figures for the retail media market in the United States and reaffirm strong potential. According to eMarketer, this market reached US$46.4 billion in 2023, up by 23% year-on-year, compared with US$ 60.4 billion for linear television. It should overtake television by 2025 in the USA, with US$72 billion for retail media and US$58 billion for linear television. According to projections, retail media should exceed US$100 billion in revenue by 2027, i.e., almost twice as much as linear TV’s revenues.

Attention-grabbing media, growing ROAS at Walmart

A study by Grocery TV presented at the retail media roadshow also showed that “in-store retail media outperforms all other major media in terms of advertising experience and attention,”…