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Personalized onboarding

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Intelligence and analyses

The latest development of your industry in your mailbox

  • Daily briefing
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Personalized newsletters

Unlimited access to more than 50k resources :

  • Industry files and analyses
  • Interviews
  • Case studies
  • Industry barometers

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Annual license


Regular peer-to-peer sessions

Peer-to-peer support, information and expertise sharing enriched through specialist intervention

Featured dossiers to review before each session

Access to all your sessions via your mind account

On demand


Industry expertise

  • Expert journalists
  • A community of experts via our OPENmind program

Expertise in business intelligence processes

  • Analysts proficient in business intelligence procedures
  • Automated data collection and analysis tools

Customized services

  • Dedicated and responsive consultants
  • Independant organization
  • No structural costs


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