Philippe Muhr, Intersport: “GenAI at the start of the chatbot funnel, helps us better assess consumer’s needs and boosts conversion”

At the 1-to-1 show in Monaco, Philippe Muhr, E-Commerce Director at Intersport, spoke exclusively to mind Retail about his transformation roadmap, and the results of the integration of GenAI into customer relations in partnership with Iadvize. The next step is to integrate AI into vendor’s tools.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 18 March 2024 à 10h18 - Update on 04 April 2024 à 17h40

2023 was a good year for Intersport. What were key results?

Philippe Muhr: Admittedly, 2023 was more complex than previous years, but sport suffered slightly less than other sectors. The Rugby World Cup was a major highlight. In France for instance, Intersport achieved a 15% online market share in the rugby category last year. E-commerce has also been growing steadily, with sales up by 12% from 2022. Our store owners, who are Intersport’s shareholders, see e-commerce as a business generator, thanks to the “ship from store” model we have built up. At Intersport, 97% of Internet orders are shipped from the stores and only 3% by the warehouse.

What is the share of online sales as a percentage of the total ?

Philippe Muhr : It is relatively stable, at around 10% in France.…