[case study] How PepsiCo partnered with Uber Eats for retail media

Since September 2023, Uber Advertising, the international advertising network launched by Uber at the end of 2022, has been offering a retail media service based on the Uber Eats app, using Criteo's technology and commercial muscle. We look back at the first major campaign in France, run by PepsiCo to boost online sales.

Through Raphaële Karayan, Sophie Baqué. Published on 27 November 2023 à 16h08 - Update on 27 November 2023 à 16h50

In France, Uber‘s applications are used daily by millions of people for transport and home delivery. Uber (Passenger car with driver) and Uber Eats have altogether 9 million quarterly users in France, according to the company, and Uber had 5.9 million unique monthly visitors in March 2023, according to Mediametrie company. It is hardly surprising that Uber decided to launch an advertising network in October 2022 to connect brands to consumers, facilitating a purchase journey. The e-retail media offering, “Sponsored Items”, launched in partnership with Criteo in June 2023, initially in the USA and Canada. The service has gone live in France from September.

Two major FMCG advertisers have signed up. These are PepsiCo (Pepsi, Tropicana, Doritos and others) and Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and others), who began pilots in the summer.…