Reusable dishes: French anti-waste law constraining fast-food chains

On 31st May 2023, France's fast-food retailers had to present action plans to the government for adopting reusable tableware for on-the-spot consumption. While the legislation is not yet binding, adoption has been patchy. This is a particularly sensitive issue for the fast-food retailers interviewed by mind Retail. We present an overview of the adoption of the French decree, company after company, and the impact on in-store operations.

Through Bleuenn Fequant. Published on 05 June 2023 à 12h32 - Update on 05 June 2023 à 12h32

Regulation under the AGEC Act (known as ‘the French Anti-Waste Law’) 

As part of the first 3R decree of the A.G.E.C. law against waste and promoting an recycle / circular economy, disposable tableware has been banned for on-site consumption in catering establishments since January 1st, 2023. While this obligation applies to the entire catering sector (with more than 20 seats), fast-food outlets are the most affected, as they used disposable table items for in-house meals.  

In January, the government required an action plan within 15 days. By early February 10 chains had still not submitted their ideas. By the end of April only Domino’s and Nabab Kebab had had done so. At a meeting on April 27, the Secretary of State for Ecology, Bérangère Couillard, stated that by May 31, retailers would have to publish their action plans on the web, despite low checking rates. Out of 30,000 restaurants in France, only 16 were inspected between January and April, resulting in a fine for Domino’s and two fines for Nabab Kebab. The fines can be as high as €7,500.…

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