Stephan Veyret, CEO Decathlon Singapore: “We are moving from retail to an ecosystem of services around sport”

As the hub of the South East Asia region, Singapore is a market where Decathlon is testing many innovations, including cashless, Scan & Go, automated in-store picking that prepares 600 orders per day and robotic inventory to save working hours. Stephan Veyret, C.E.O. of the subsidiary, shares with mind Retail key figures of the latest omnichannel and CSR steps, and the next strategic projects.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 24 February 2023 à 18h11 - Update on 10 March 2023 à 15h57

At Decathlon, Singapore is often cited as a “big brother” for other Asian countries. What is your assessment of 2022?

With 15 stores, Singapore is the most successful country in Asia for Decathlon. The business has been profitable for several years, which allows us to finance and test many innovations. In terms of digital, the big project for 2022 was the migration of our e-commerce platform to that of the group (many Asian markets are still on Shopify or Magento). This allowed us to launch our marketplace last May. In terms of expansion, there have been no new stores. We are at a stage where we don’t need to add sq.m to be sell successfully. In terms of brand awareness, Decathlon has passed Nike and Adidas for the purchase of sporting goods.

You have two very distinct store formats: compact and experiential. What are your ambitions for each?

My goal is for every Singaporean to be within 15 minutes of a Decathlon contact point.…