Fitness Park & Yoobic. “Training savings amount to hundreds of thousands Euros”

How to lead digital change within a staff, whilst opening 60 points of sale per year, in branches and franchises? This is the case for Fitness Park sports clubs, which have expanded from 50 to 250 sports clubs in 10 years, spread over 3 European countries. Thomas Mendonça, C.E.O. of Digital and Innovation, explained the growth of the Fitness Park network.

Through . Published on 17 February 2022 à 10h19 - Update on 25 February 2022 à 14h10

Introduce us to the Fitness Park network.

Thomas Mendonça: By the end of 2021, we had 250 clubs in three countries : France, Spain and Portugal. In Spain, we started in November 2021, with 5 stores at the end of December 2021, and an objective of 15 clubs at the end of 2022. Each club is run by less than 4 people and is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.…