Germany: SAP launches a welcome and integration program for Ukrainian refugees

On 04 April, Germany’s SAP, the world leading multinational software and business applications corporation announced the launch of ‘dedicated onboarding process for refugees’ fleeing Ukraine, which aims to welcome and integrate qualified Ukrainians in the corporations’ subsidiaries in seven countries (Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia). Recruitment has already begun via an online platform that enables applicants to apply from their smartphones via a dedicated and very streamlined application process.

Through . Published on 12 April 2022 à 13h33 - Update on 12 April 2022 à 13h33

Onboarding via smartphone. Five years after implementing a program to help and integrate refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, the German group SAP is launching the ‘onboarding-program’ initiative, which this time aims to integrate qualified Ukrainian refugees into its structures.…

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