Sanofi takes programme dedicated to employees with cancer to global scale

The pharmaceutical group, which has been offering social and financial support to employees with cancer or close to patients in France since 2017, has decided to extend this programme worldwide with 100% salary continuation. The move follows positive feedback on the scheme, Florence Cauvet, HR director for France at Sanofi, tells mind RH.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 08 February 2024 Ă  14h52 - Update on 08 February 2024 Ă  14h52

‘Cancer and Work: Acting Together’, this is the name of the programme launched by Sanofi worldwide at the beginning of the year. Employees will be able to benefit from various measures if they receive a medical diagnosis of cancer, whether they are on sick leave or remain at work. This scheme adds a second pillar to a global social protection base for the group’s employees, with the company having also created a 14-week birth leave for all new parents,…

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