Spain: Axa recognises employees’ right to be informed about AI use

The new collective agreement at the Spanish business of insurance group Axa, signed on 29 September, introduces an obligation on the part of company management to be transparent with employees regarding data analysis and the use of algorithms in the selection, assessment and career development of individuals. This is the first major company agreement to take account of the challenges posed by the role of artificial intelligence.

Through CĂ©cile Thibaud. Published on 19 October 2023 Ă  12h07 - Update on 19 October 2023 Ă  16h37

The agreement between Axa management and the CCOO and UGT trade unions introduces a provision on regulating the use of AI in industrial relations. The text states that the company “undertakes to inform employee representatives about the use of data analysis or AI systems,…

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