Spain: El Corte Inglés department store and the trade unions commit to ensuring compliance with international labor standards throughout the value chain

On 14 July, Spain's leading department store chain, El Corte Inglés signed an agreement with the CCOO and UGT trade unions, which establishes the framework for their collaboration in the application of international labor standards and the compliance of their suppliers in third party countries. The agreement guarantees information exchange and joint effort in the field, in order to ensure dignified work that is consistent with ILO standards, and to also seek solutions, establish training plans and resolve disputes.

Through . Published on 22 July 2021 à 11h32 - Update on 22 July 2021 à 11h32

The leading retailer together with the industry federations, and the Spanish CCOO and UGT trade unions are committed to jointly strengthening and protecting the rights of employees who make Corte Inglés own-brand products around the world. Various agreements addressing value chain integrity have already been signed by textile/clothing linked Spanish groups, including Inditex (Zara brand) and Mango. However, this is the first major multi-sector agreement signed by a Spanish company, in the sense of the wide range of own-brand products being sold in the department store chain.…

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