United Kingdom: several large firms commit to reserve roles for military veterans

Six international companies have signed up to the 15,000 Futures programme in the UK. This innovative scheme, launched by Australian social impact firm WithYouWithMe (WYWM), aims to help military veterans and their partners find a job, including by providing them with free online training in new forms of technology.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 23 January 2023 Ă  12h40 - Update on 23 January 2023 Ă  12h40

Some 15,000 Britons leave the military and attempt to re-enter the job market each year, but often find this a difficult task. The companies that have signed up to the 15,000 Futures initiative have officially committed to filling some emerging technology and digital roles at their respective businesses with military veterans and their families.…

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