United States: Citigroup circumvents Texas’ new abortion law

Citigroup management has taken a public stand against a law passed in Texas that restricts women's rights to abortion, and now bans abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy. The fourth most powerful bank in the United States is offering to pay travel expenses for employees seeking terminations in a neighbouring state as well as the requisite number of sick days so women can undergo the procedure as safely and calmly as possible.

Through . Published on 24 March 2022 à 14h05 - Update on 24 March 2022 à 14h05

Private sector businesses rarely like to venture into the area of legislation. However Citigroup’s stance proves the exception to the rule when in September 2021 Texan legislation came into effect that restricted pregnancy terminations to within a six week window. Citigroup’s CEO Jane Fraser convinced her board of directors to include a paragraph expanding health insurance benefits to its Texas employees in the statement* presented ahead of the annual general meeting in April.…

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