105th ILO international labor conference sets out a roadmap to guarantee decent work in global supply chains

The ILO international conference was held from 30 May to 10 June. One of the key topics increasingly gaining prominence was the issue of decent work in global supply chains and this conference marked the first time that the subject received ILO debate. Conclusions adopted on 09 June recognize the need to channel resources for efforts to be made on the issue. Workers’ representatives hope these efforts will lead to a new international standard.

Through . Published on 13 June 2016 à 11h31 - Update on 13 June 2016 à 13h01

Background. This is the first time the ILO forum has debated the topic of decent work in global supply chains. Over the two weeks, governments, employers, and workers groups conducted general discussions on recognizing the problem and of shared responsibilities. Beyond that the forum also examined the issue of recognizing the ILO’s legitimacy in terms of establishing standards so that following the conference it tackles the issue and takes the necessary measures to make progress.…

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