Brazil: delivery platform iFood sanctioned by the courts for anti-union practices

Following revelations in the press that communications agencies working on behalf of the delivery platform iFood were spying on striking delivery workers, the courts in Brazil have imposed a series of sanctions against the private company, which will have to make public amends and finance a plan to strengthen the rights of its employees.

Through Mathilde Dorcadie. Published on 17 July 2023 Ă  14h50 - Update on 17 July 2023 Ă  14h50

The Brazilian company iFood – the country’s largest food delivery platform with a market share of almost 80% – was the subject of three civil investigations over the course of a year, conducted by the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF) and the Public Labour Prosecution Office (MPT), for having monitored – with the help of two communications agencies – delivery workers working as freelancers for the platform who were organising themselves to demand better working conditions.…

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