China: combatting discrimination against those who have contracted and recovered from Covid affirmed as an official priority

On 29 July,  China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Health Commission issued an ‘urgent’ directive aimed at ‘resolutely’ combating employment discrimination against those who have recovered from Covid-19. Indeed, given that even slightest sign of a positive Covid test can result in all business activities ceasing, many employers appear to have developing their own workplace-based zero tolerance illness policies which is translating into a form of  punitive stigmatisation of those who have previously caught and recovered from Covid.

Through . Published on 05 September 2022 à 14h06 - Update on 05 September 2022 à 14h03

While it is difficult to quantify these new forms of discrimination, the publication of such a document sheds new light on the many anomalies stemming from the country’s strict ‘zero covid’ regime that has now lasted for more than two years. As early as mid-July, Premier Li Keqiang reminded the State Council cabinet meeting of equal employment rights for all and called for any form of discrimination against those who have recovered from Covid to be punished.…

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