Switzerland: responsible business initiative fails to garner sufficient support

In a vote held on Sunday 29 November, a popular initiative in Switzerland that seeks to hold large companies in the country accountable for the actions of their affiliates and suppliers abroad failed to achieve a majority among Swiss cantons, with only 8.5 votes in favour out of 23, despite achieving a slim majority of 50.7% in the popular vote. As a result, a compromise law that is far less restrictive will be voted on. Many believe nonetheless that the result of the popular vote places a certain amount of pressure on Swiss firms.

Through . Published on 30 November 2020 Ă  15h22 - Update on 30 November 2020 Ă  15h22

Under the Swiss voting system, a popular initiative requires a double majority – of both voters and cantons – to be adopted. Launched in 2015 by nearly 130 NGOs (see article n°12197 on the debate surrounding this vote) and put to a vote on Sunday 29 November,…

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