China: DingDing, the collaborative platform that manages workers

Few workers in China will be unaware of the existence of DingDing, the application used for organisation and communication within companies. Launched in 2014, the application has grown to become the number one workplace social network in the world. It is mainly used in China, where it has been downloaded more than 400,000 times using the Huawei Store. Amid the 996 scandal (see article n°11113), which has shed a light on the intensive working hours in China’s technology industry, there are ethical questions surrounding DingDing’s use, raised by Chinese workers in online forums. In particular, they highlight the enhanced monitoring capabilities it grants managers, as well as the fact the app can even replace such staff.

Through . Published on 17 May 2019 à 14h46 - Update on 17 May 2019 à 14h51

“Bring your company into the era of intelligent business: DingDing, the application that is making work simpler, safer and more effective, has already convinced 7 million companies,” as can be read on the application’s Chinese website. As well as its attractive interface, the website presents a series of success stories, with companies hailing their experience with DingDing, and its international version DingTalk, which aim to demonstrate that the application is suitable for both small and large companies as well as tech start-ups, commercial firms as well as more classic service providers. The platform is one of several tools offered by the Chinese tech giant Alibaba. Its symbolic importance to the group is show by the fact its developers are based in the cramped Hangzhou offices where Jack Ma,…

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