France: Axa deploys its own generative AI

French insurance group Axa is providing its employees with a secure version of ChatGPT – Axa Secure GPT – and is working to democratise its use internally. It's a huge project, and one that involves training all employees.

Through Christophe Auffray. Published on 09 January 2024 Ă  16h39 - Update on 09 January 2024 Ă  16h39

With Secure GPT, Axa is working to democratise the use of generative AI. The application is currently being rolled out to all employees. The use of AI also needs to be overseen, however, which is why AI governance has been formalised. “We couldn’t limit ourselves to data governance alone. The senior management strongly backs this approach,” explains Chafika Chettaoui, chief data officer at Axa France.  This governance is in fact twofold. The first is at executive committee level. Every month, the data office for France presents the use cases to its members. There are already around 10 of these. “Choosing which use cases to develop is a corporate decision. This is part of our policy in favour of responsible AI.…

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