Germany: Bosch launches the ‘My Bosch App’ to better include and involve production employees

The German multinational engineering and technology company has launched an in-house mobile app that can be downloaded onto employees’ personal smartphones. The aim is to include and involve the 100,000 or so production staff without work phones into Bosch's social network. The app also takes care to address private data protection issues.

Through Thomas Schnee. Published on 07 September 2023 à 15h45 - Update on 07 September 2023 à 15h45

Bosch together with its 421,000 global workforce have a plethora of internal communications resources, including the ‘Bosch Connect’ intranet, and the participative ‘Bosch Zünder Online’ company newspaper platform, as well as traditional videoconferencing classics such as MS Team Outlook and others. All these services are currently accessible via company smartphones that are specifically configured to safeguard a high level of security.…

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