Finland: university thesis examines new technology based recruitment methods

In May 2018, Reija Oksanen at the University of Tampere Faculty of Management presented a Master’s thesis on new technology based recruitment methods that in particular examines those phases in the recruitment process that can use artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the research is to broaden the knowledge base surrounding new technology based recruitment methods and especially AI and to this end it examined how these new methods were being used within Finland’s Human Resource Management (HRM) community. The research shows that although the HRM community does welcome the possibilities arising from these new methods it also highlights the need to avoid slipping into mechanistic recruitment methods instead of using these new methods to free up more time for human interaction. This however will only be possible if the HRM community fully understands all aspects of these new technologies.

Through . Published on 07 November 2018 à 11h29 - Update on 07 November 2018 à 10h54

Reija Oksanen’s research shows that in Finland AI is already being frequently used in the recruitment arena most notably in terms of planning, candidate pre-selection, and candidate communication. The recruitment industry itself has undergone enormous change. It has become increasingly competitive with the race to secure top talent ever fiercer. More and more HRM services are being outsourced to specialized third-party services suppliers in a bid to cope with all aspects of the recruitment process having become more complex by the day, including social networks, constantly changing technology, and seamless interconnectivity. On top of this ‘Big Data’ is transforming the world and organizations have to handle the radical changes in order to step over the threshold towards better recruitment.…

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