France: harnessing the technological tools of marketing to address candidate shortages

Programmatic HR, which helps optimise online recruitment, through automation as well as the use of advertising data, is becoming increasingly popular with companies. For a few years now, several start-ups have been transposing marketing techniques to their recruitment efforts and supporting their HR departments amid a shortage of candidates. Such an approach, however, comes at a cost.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 17 March 2023 Ă  16h36 - Update on 17 March 2023 Ă  16h37
Key points
Large increase in visibility with targeted candidates
Solutions to recruit and strengthen the employer brand
A campaign cost of up to €50,000

In 2022, job vacancies reached a record level in France (up to 3.32%) and one company in four had to give up recruiting an executive because they could not find the right candidate for the role. This finding, along with the mismatch between candidates’ qualifications and the jobs available, raises questions over companies’ recruitment methods. “It is very difficult to attract candidates, who are now very demanding,” says Marielle Duvivier, talent acquisition partner at Vestas France, a multinational company specialising in wind turbines. “For the most sought-after positions, candidates ask us for a short recruitment process, lasting less than a month,” she adds. Not all companies are able to offer this.

Using AI technology to better target candidates

Conceived as a means of speeding up decision-making, artificial intelligence was being used by 64% of recruiters in 2018, in particular to sort through CVs.…

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