India: growth in HR-tech in full swing

In India, HR technology advances are promising, and notwithstanding the difficulties companies are having in adopting these new advances, start-up companies are busily exploring their potential. As the world gets flatter and homogeneous Generation Ys more prevalent, solutions have become more similar.

Through . Published on 12 December 2018 Ă  12h19 - Update on 12 December 2018 Ă  12h19

In 2017, 83% of India’s companies believed that Digital HR was ‘important’ and even ‘very important’. This compares with just 48% for French companies. As a result India is ranked second after Brazil out of countries considering the importance of the Digital HR trend. “Although India is following the global trend of adopting HR technologies it is nonetheless roughly two years behind countries such as the US or Singapore for example,” explained a subject matter expert based in Bangalore,…

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