Opportunities for recruitment and career management being offered by blockchain technology

In an interview on 04 June with David Green for his website My HR Future, HR Tech advisor, Yvette Cameron shares her vision of blockchain storing and managing data technology as it applies to HR. Planet Labor summarizes her vision below (for the full 38' podcast, click here).

Through . Published on 19 June 2019 à 16h21 - Update on 19 June 2019 à 16h30

Blockchain is a technology that enables secure certified data storage. Once added to the blockchain, datas cannot be modified anymore. In the case of a HR use, the blockchain would be private and used by a companies’ consortium with the individual remaining the owner of his/here data. Keeping data ownership and data privacy, and giving data access to employers when relevant, is the idea that Yvette Cameron has been developing and that she names the ‘internet of careers’.…

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