Singapore’s HR Tech boom

Start-ups are increasingly spawning that seek to use AI to revolutionize the world of work. In the densely populated city-State of Singapore (5.6 million living in 722km²), USD 1.4 billion is being invested in this domain that now counts no less than 200 businesses using AI to provide a range of HR solutions. In contrast with the US and Europe where the focus is on new hiring methods, companies in the ‘fully employed’ region of Asia concentrate more on problems related to staff turnover and training.

Through . Published on 28 May 2019 à 11h11 - Update on 28 May 2019 à 14h48

Singapore is renowned as being the hub for Southeast Asian technological innovation and for deploying its technologies globally. “The Singapore Government excels at creating employment. It knows how to attract multinational companies and, via investment expenditure, exerts great influence on the local economy,” explained Peter Waring, Associate Professor at the Murdoch University in Singapore, and author of several books on industrial and employment relations. Underlining the importance of focusing on employee retention Marie Le Bras indicates,…

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