France: Natixis harnesses artificial intelligence tool to anticipate job transformation

The Jobs in Motion programme launched in 2020 by French financial services group Natixis aims to train staff for emerging roles in tech, data and corporate social responsibility. The initiative harnesses an artificial intelligence-based programme that detects the most suitable job for each employee. This innovation in the field of human resources, which should affect some 600 employees in France, received recognition from the French national association of HR directors in March.

Through . Published on 25 April 2022 Ă  16h26 - Update on 25 April 2022 Ă  16h26

The Jobs in Motion programme survived the transformation of Natixis into a new global financial services (GFS) division, following the restructuring of parent company BPCE last year. The upskilling and reskilling programme should enable 20% of employees to be trained by 2024 and encourage more frequent job changes. “In addition to hiring, we are offering our employees training in the professions of the future, for their employability and our competitiveness as a company,” says Cristel Guillain, head of transformation and talent at Natixis. “It is also more effective to train someone who already knows our customers,…

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