France: Orange harnesses virtual reality for staff cybersecurity training

Since October 2023, Orange has been rolling out virtual reality training to raise awareness among employees of the cybersecurity risks encountered in the workplace. The company drew on a track record of training carried out using this technology over several years by provider Uptale, particularly in soft skills, as well as on in-house support from its business divisions.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 15 February 2024 Ă  18h07 - Update on 15 February 2024 Ă  18h11

The Metaverse may not have seen the expansion anticipated when it was heralded two years ago as the new growth horizon by Meta (Facebook), but virtual reality continues to be in demand in the training sector. Like many other dedicated solutions, this is the speciality of Uptale, a French start-up with 50 employees founded in 2017, which is growing at an annual rate of 50% and now has 200 corporate customers, including almost all companies in the prestigious CAC 40 index. The firm offers design, filming of real images on site, construction of digital modules integrated into a headset and deployment, particularly for onboarding, health and safety and training on new machines or technologies.…

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