France: PwC raising employee awareness of the potential of emerging technologies

Thanks to the PwC Tech Lab, staff at the UK headquartered international consulting and auditing services firm can now try out the latest tech trends and their applications in order to understand their impact on the business environment. The Tech lab is an immersive 3D space, which will also enable employees imagine solutions that could apply to their different business divisions (industry, services, finance, human resources, etc.), as they strive to meet major challenges such as steering and managing the carbon footprint or reducing exposure to cyber risk.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 06 December 2022 Ă  11h56 - Update on 19 December 2022 Ă  20h02

PwC France and Magreb inaugurated the Tech Lab on 01 December 2022, the goal of which is to understand how 3D virtual (metaverse), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain can be used. By experimenting with the various technologies current and future employees can more effectively support clients with their transformation projects.…

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