Germany: HDI looks to artificial intelligence when recruiting and training its senior executives

For about a year, HDI Service AG, part of Germany’s third largest insurance group, Talanx, has been using voice recognition software which can define forty-two different facets of someone’s personality after just a fifteen minute session. HDI uses this tool when recruiting and training its board members as well as senior executives at the two hierarchical levels immediately below the board. Thomas Belker, HDI Service board spokesperson and head of Human of Resources, has personally tested the software and has kindly agreed to explain to Planet Labor how this kind of tool is expected to help HDI transforming into an agile company.

Through . Published on 27 March 2019 à 15h15 - Update on 27 March 2019 à 15h15

 Artificial Intelligence (AI). ‘In the beginning was the Verb.’ Since time immemorial language and power have gone hand-in-hand and the belief that one’s oratory style reveals one inner nature and manner of thinking is nothing new. Artificial Intelligence (AI) however is set to change this longstanding precept. At the Precire Technologies headquarters in Aix-la-Chapelle the company’s founders have developed software that can transform a person’s language into hundreds of thousands of tiny features such as fluency, word choice, pauses, phraseology, speed, intonation and so on. The software’s algorithm then compares this sample data with results from other ‘candidates’ with typical characteristics and in this way constantly self-learns. The software provides a detailed personality profile of the person and can make precise statements such as if the person is results driven,…

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