France: how Saint-Gobain is using the Worklife employee benefits solution to modernise its HR policies

For almost two years, construction group Saint-Gobain has been working with start-up Worklife to offer its employees access to sustainable transport services, lunch vouchers and personal services all on the same app. This solution meets an employer brand challenge for the company, which wants to promote the benefits offered to employees.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 08 November 2023 Ă  16h40 - Update on 08 November 2023 Ă  17h26

Sustainable mobility was the starting point for the partnership between the start-up Worklife (recently acquired by French bank CrĂ©dit Agricole) and Saint-Gobain. In 2022, the group signed a company agreement with its social partners guaranteeing 100% reimbursement of expenses linked to sustainable mobility, up to a limit of €500 per year. “This policy is based on well-being, because cycling is good for employees’ health,” explains RĂ©gis Blugeon, HR director for France and group social affairs director, adding: “Having as many people as possible using sustainable transport also lowers our carbon footprint.” Using the Worklife solution facilitates this objective: “We wanted to equip ourselves with a digital tool to make it easier for employees to adopt our sustainable mobility schemes.”…

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